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Hello, I'm Sherman Hanke.  

Thank you for your interest in Bearhawk Massage.

I specialize in rejuvenating and relaxing massage. Whether you have tension from gardening, sports, or occupational stresses (from sitting at a computer desk all day to fighting fires to being permanently on-call), I can help you meet life's demands with greater energy and comfort.

My massage style is a combination of Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage with influences from myofascial release technique, sports massage and energy work, highlighting aspects of Eastern and Western healing. I also specialize in body usage techniques, positional awareness coaching and flexibility training to help you maintain the relaxation of your massage long after you leave the table. This can all be tailored to your specific needs or desires which will always be the center of your treatment.

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I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting, and remember...

"Relaxation IS Healthcare!"

Bearhawk Massage is OPEN!


Online scheduling is available again.  See the Covid19 information page here on my site for further information.

Please care for yourself and others, stay safe, keep risks to a minimum, and follow the instructions of the CDC...

* Wash your hands often and thoroughly
* Cover your coughs and sneezes. Wear a face mask when around others if possible
* Maintain social distance, 6 feet whenever possible
* Don't touch your face
* Support each other as we deal with this


I spent the first 6 months of 2020 planning how to make my work environment safe for my clients. From PPE to UV-C sterilization lamps and HEPA filters, hospital-grade cleansers, anti-bacterial wipes, and weekly Covid19 testing, my studio is as safe a place as I know how to make it. I am prepared. The only variable that is outside my control is the behavior of my clients. If clients are maintaining a low-risk lifestyle, then everyone who comes to see me is safe. If they are less than forthcoming about current health conditions, wearing masks, social distancing, and contact with others then that can put everyone at risk. Health regulations only fail because people ignore or intentionally disobey them. It is incumbent on every person to reinforce the value of precaution. What puts you at risk, puts me at risk, and therefore puts everyone I come in contact with at risk. People complain about wearing seat belts, about staying below speed limits, about staying home when they are sick...but there is NO disputing the effectiveness of these precautions when they are obeyed.

Just a quick update about safety protocols at

 Bearhawk Massage.

I have a number of clients who are older, including some that are immuno-compromised, and quite a few that have young children at home who are not eligible for vaccination yet. Many of these people are more susceptible to viral infections than the rest of us, and for their wellbeing and safety, I continue to require the use of masks when at my studio.

Because there are still so many unanswered questions about the lifespan and continued level of protection provided by the vaccines over time, questions that can only be answered by the passage of time, all of the UV-C sterilization, HEPA air cleansing, and hospital-grade cleaning that goes on behind the scenes will continue as well.

I know that this is not the "deliverance" we have been waiting for and I hope you understand that my decision is based on caution and concern for those who trust me with their health.

I promise that as the scene continues to change and more data is gathered and analyzed, I will keep you informed.

I encourage everyone that can get vaccinated to do so.  An important thing to remember is that the vaccine will only protect the person who receives it. The vaccine does not disable or kill the virus, it simply helps your body fight it off. A vaccinated person may still be able to carry and pass on the virus to someone who is not protected. Please, even if you get the vaccine, continue to wear your mask and to maintain safe distancing for the sake of others who either cannot or did not get this added level of protection.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this trying time. We are ALL tired of this worry and inconvenience but we must recognize the necessity of it to maintain a safe, healthy environment.

Keep the faith...I'm as eager to get back to normal as you are.




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